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About Me

I was adopted as a baby from Vietnam and brought to the flatlands of Lubbock Texas.  I grew up as a classically trained ballet dancer and then moved to New York City after receiving my BFA in Dance from the University of Texas at Austin. While in NYC, I discovered that pottery was truly a way to express myself and encompass my artistic endeavors.  After 16 years of classical ballet training I decided to retire my point shoes and get my hands dirty in clay.  I worked for over a decade as the lead thrower at Sunset Canyon Pottery, and am now working as  full time studio potter in San Marcos, Tx.  My studio is near the Eye of the Dog Art Center and I am fortunate to be so close to a thriving and fun community of potters.

I am a maker of fancy porcelain pottery. My work is highly decorative with different layers of surface slip design.  Each pot is carefully and precisely executed with a mindful meditative approach to the overall design and decoration.  I purposely want my pottery to feel tactility soothing and visually exciting.

 I would like you to have a sense of wonderment and excitement each time you use my pottery...I know I still do each time I create one.            


                                    Kym Owens