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Thank you for visiting my online shop!
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Polka Dot Flower Mugs

Approx: 3 ½” h X 4 ½” w X 3 ¼ ” d

Holds approx: 12 fl oz.

These porcelain Polka Dot Flower Mugs will brighten up anyone’s day.  Each mug has an application of five different colored slips. There are ELEVEN different color combinations to choose from and have been labeled as “Mug #1, #2, #3, etc.” 

The color combinations start with the handle color, large polka dot, small polka dot, slip dot, and flower slip dots. 

Each porcelain slip dot is done by hand and has a pleasant tactile feel.  White underglaze dots are applied to accentuate the overall design.  All mugs are glazed in an Ice Blue celadon glaze making all the beautiful colored slips pop!

****Dishwasher and microwave safe***

*****Due to the nature of how pottery is fired, please expect some color variation****